Chris Cid

CJ HipFit

Lock‐down for stability and speed.

Basketball sneaker with wires for ultimate support of the foot

Sketch of the basketball shoe “CJ HipFit”
“CJ HipFit” is a basketball sneaker that uses elastic polymer wires to support the foot.

The engineering behind this sneaker

The main idea is to use wires with a thin and flat shape, to provide the ultimate support for basketball players.

Illustration for the basketball shoe “CJ HipFit”
Rendering of the “CJ HipFit”.

These wires are made from elastic polymer materials, so that are strong enough to stand the difficult movements —like stutter steps or the “euro‐step” move— but also are flexible enough to allow the foot’s natural suspensions.

The wires are made outside from a flat and thin shaped polymer, with high elasticity; In the middle they contains small stranded wires that control the forces and splits them to specific areas.

Also there is a full inner sleeve that acts as a second layer of support, especially around the ankle area.

First sketches

With all this in mind, I made first the following sketches.

Draft sketches of the basketball shoe “CJ HipFit”
First sketches of “CJ HipFit” sneaker.

Later I did experiments with the basic form of the sneaker and with various details on the design.

Sketches to develop the idea for the basketball shoe “CJ HipFit”
Developing the idea of the “CJ HipFit” sneaker.

At the same time, I worked on the wire system to define details; but most important, to design a stable and flexible support of the foot.

Sketches of the wire system for the basketball shoe “CJ HipFit”
Defining the engineering of the wires & overall style.

Bonus rendering

Illustration with color variations of the basketball shoe “CJ HipFit”
Bonus illustration: Color schemes!